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Your I'm listening fic was actually life changing I would read a six book series on that omg. Can you PLEASEEEEE write a second part?? It would actually make my life!! And you left it open ended so there is definitely room for more writing there...

>< Sorry, but no >< I think it’s done as an open ending. You can imagine how everything turned out in the end - maybe they found a cure and everyone lived, maybe one died first, or maybe both died together. 


Dystopian drabble while I refuse to write the essay that is 20% of my grade.

Yoongi looks up at the gray sky. Some say the sky used to be blue back in the day, with a sun that shone so brightly that looking at it for too long could hurt your eyes. At night the moon and the stars would come up, like diamonds embedded into black silk.

Yoongi isn’t sure how true that is, but it’s nice to imagine instead of the grayness they see every single day, whether it be night or day. It’s the same color as the suits everyone has to wear, different only at the collars. Yoongi’s collar is green, marking him as one of the grassworkers that tend to the grass all across the city, keeping it uniformly cut and making sure not a single leaf blade is out of place.

Everything’s gray. They say the grass used to be greener, but now Yoongi can’t really tell the difference between the gray of his suit and the green of the grass. The only colors he knows are the ones he sees on collars of other workers. People say the sky wasn’t the same blue of the collars, and the grass not the same as the green of the collars, but Yoongi will make do with what he has.

He starts when his name is called, and he hurries down the line. The grassworkers are supposed to expand the city today, plant new seeds outward so they can make room for new families. It’s an important job, he’s told, even though it’s redundant. He’s making room for new life.

Only the grassworkers and wreckers and cleaners are allowed to past the boundaries, where the gray-green grass stops and becomes dirt. Yoongi doesn’t know what’s beyond the wreckage. The wreckers, with their brown collars, get to go out the farthest in their trucks, and they wreck what used to be there. The cleaners go in after them, with their purple collars, and clean up the mess left behind in their trucks, and then the grassworkers go in to plant new grass. The wreckers say it’s a mess in the first place, all weird shapes of buildings and with uncivilized people wearing uncivilized clothing.

Yoongi gets to work on his area, sprinkling grass seeds along the lines. After that he’s going to have to water them, and then he’ll be back tomorrow to pull out the ones that aren’t growing straight and replant them. It’s tedious work, but he’s told it’s important.

“Hey,” someone calls, and Yoongi blinks, looking up. He looks around and there’s no one there, so he figures he’s hearing things, but when he turns back, someone is bending over his bucket of seeds. He freezes in surprise. The other’s not wearing the gray suit. Yoongi doesn’t even have words for what he’s wearing, but he catches Yoongi’s eyes and smiles and Yoongi’s heart skips.

“You’re an Uncivilized,” Yoongi breathes. He’s never seen one up close. He’s seen them darting around when he does his grasswork, just shadows and fleeting figures.

The other laughs, and it’s nothing like Yoongi’d never heard before. Yoongi wants to hear it again. “That’s what you guys call us, I heard.” He walks up to Yoongi, smiling brightly at him, and he opens his palms. “You don’t have this, where you are, right?”

Yoongi stares. He doesn’t even have a word for what it is, but whatever it is, it’s beautiful. “What’s it called?” He reaches up to touch it, and it’s soft under his fingers.

“It’s a rose.” The other smiles down at Yoongi. “And the color’s pink.”

Pink, Yoongi thinks, etching it to memory. The other drops the rose into his hands, and Yoongi looks up. “What’s your name?”

The other smiles, dazzling when he’s so close. “Seokjin.”

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Ooh. I didn't expect this today, especially after I saw how many prompts you had left. :O But thank you very much for writing my request! :) -Jinkook anon

sorry it was so short T_T i think i might do like a continuation of the reaper verse haha;;;; 

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AHHHH! *giggles and squeals* I'm the anon that suggested the hp-verse prompt and you turned it into the most adorable thing ever. I had a huge grin on my face the entire time I was reading it. I especially loved the bit you threw in about fox!Jin. (I'd pay to see that too, hehe). You're my favorite kpop-fandom writer <3 Much love for you and your writing!

I’m working on your a/b/o prompt too! Thank you so much for the great prompts <3 Much love to you too and thanks for reading!

BTS performed a second verse to Outtro and Jin wrote the lyrics.

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shit you're a wonderful author and nothing i can say will do you justice. i absolutely love reading your stories and you're probably my favourite writer (even though i don't really fan the groups you write about). there's so much emotion and the flow is gorgeous and you keep breaking my heart and sewing it back together i can't.

wow i’m really flattered that you read my fics even though you don’t really fan who i write about. thank you so much for reading and thank you for such kind words!

Of Love Confessions

Title: Of Love Confessions

Fandom: BTS (Bangtan Boys)/Harry Potter, Suga/Jin

Summary: For anon’s prompt: 

Jimin’s latest prank is to mix a potion into the food at the dining hall that makes students confess to their crushes. Jin gets confessed to…a lot. Yoongi gets jealous (and possessive).

Note: Finally wrote a hp!crossover. based on my hp/bts headcanons here.

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i’m reading from concert goers that there was an almost-there vjin/taejin kiss someone shoot me now please why wasn’t i there

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Your "I'm listening" fic..I LOVED it but i sorta feel it's not finished ): well just my opinion, I always need an ending something to just sum it up

thanks for reading! usually i leave open endings because i suck at conclusions hahaha;;;;;


Wait nevermind I found them and their your posts XD sorry!! I honestly couldn't remember where I had seen those posts /.\

hahaha yeah that’s me. i have to……. actualy solidify that verse….