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'Blonde duizhang is my style of duizhang' - couldnt agree no more. Growl kris is the best kris, but he looks so damn fine in any hair color. Even that orange looks so badass in him. Is he even human . .

I KNOWWWWW. This is the question I ask myself every single day SIGH. 

Sunglasses fashion.

In Jongin’s honest opinion, Yifan looks fucking amazing in a skirt. He’s complaining that the skirt’s too short, and it kind of is, ending just below the curve of his ass. If he moves around too much, Jongin can see glimpses of little white lace, because their stylist had made Yifan wear panties instead of boxers. Under the edge of the skirt, Yifan’s legs go on forever.

"Man," Jongdae says, sounding a little jealous, "His legs last forever." He glances at Jongin and then snickers. "Jongin, you’re just about to drool."

Jongin snaps his mouth shut. He can’t help it. Their stylists had made Yifan shave completely and had put makeup on his legs so they literally shimmer. 

"Easy on the legs, noona," Baekhyun calls out. "I think Jongin might pass out from blood going somewhere other than his head. Or the wrong head, anyway."

"Gross and too much information." Their stylist says, frowning. "Kris, wanna try on pantyhose? Your legs take up way too much makeup and it might be just easier on the day of the stage to go with the pantyhose."

Jongin decides their stylist is really trying to kill him, after all.

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awwww~ how I missed him. a lot :((

This man would either make you faint from his hotness. Laugh at his weirdness. Or either make you shake your head at his ridiculous ways. That don’t mean you will stop loving him. No. No. That’s impossible. Once he gets you under his spell theres no escape.